Cotton Bandhni Bandanas

$18 $22

Bandhni, the intricate craft of Indian tie-dye.

Each little dot is a hand-tied knot. The fabric is pinched between fingernails and swiftly tied and knotted with string.

After the entire piece is dyed, the string bundles are removed by two people tugging at opposite corners of the cloth with their full body weight!

Our Bandhni scarves are made in the town of Porbandar, in Gujerat, on the Arabian Sea. We buy them from the same Bandhni-wallah who has supplied our family for over 50 years. His family has been in this business since 1874 - over 125 years!

100% Cotton.

Available in Sky Blue, Pistachio, Brown and Vermillion.

Bandanas are approximately a 30" square.

Product Photography by: Pam Lott

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