Straw Helix Spinner

This is as elemental as village art gets! Simple straw, woven with yarn. Arrives as a flat roll. Once you hang it up, you twist it slightly, and off it goes, twisting and untwisting, forming an eye-catching double helix.

Makes for wonderful decor under a porch, awning, or tree branch. Great as a simple gift that is bound to delight.

These are available in two styles.
The Plain Style, has colourful yarn, but the straw is unpainted.
The Multicoloured Style, has colourful yarn, and the edges are dyed with paint. This paint is mineral-based paint, free of chemicals or setting agents, so the paint does come off on the hands a bit, but it washes right off.

Colours of yarn as well as paint are always assorted, as each piece is individually made, and is unique. Length of each spinner varies from 2-3 ft

Handmade by Hussein in Orissa, India.

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